What we do

We deliver accessible, inspiring and practical training packages designed to support organisations and their staff to better-understand and manage complex situations and support vulnerable people. We are also please to offer open-course training for individuals that are looking to increase their knowledge and skills in the field of general psychiatry and the psychology-related applications.

Our dedicated training packages can be accessed through the menus on this website. You will find a PDF outline of the workshop and we are very happy to bespoke-design training. In general, our training can address the following key topics:

  • Improved insight to mental disorder: Improved ability to recognise mental health symptoms and improve signposting, safeguarding and interactional support.
  • Better support individuals with Personality Disorder and emotionally / behavioural vulnerabilities: Understand the complex world of Personality Disorder, develop improved interactional skills that are more effective in the support of individuals with diagnosed or potential personality disorder diagnosis, improve insights to risk assessments and risk management, provide appropriate advocacy for vulnerable people and understand the skills training and psychotherapy models that may improve the lives of individuals with complex psychological disorders.
  • Improved insights to stress-related disorders and workplace mental health issues: Understanding the complex world of stress psychology, its relationship with mental disorder, the managers’ role in supporting staff at work with stress and mental disorder, the process of risk assessment and control measures, legal issues in relation to workplace mental disorder and reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act.
  • Understanding the complex world of Hoarding Behaviours and Self Neglect: This is a complex area of human behaviour and many myths abound. We can support social care providers, community care organisations, housing staff, advocate services, emergency services and environmental health professionals to better-understand this complex world and work more effectively with individuals vulnerable to hoarding and self neglect.
  • Recognise mental health disorders and know how to respond to individuals within the principles of Mental Health First Aid: Knowing what to say, how to say it, how to signpost and how to manage potential mental health crises.
  • Better understanding the risks and behaviours associated with self harm and suicide: Including risk assessment practices, safeguarding responses, escalating concerns to emergency services, understanding the consequences of personality disorder psychopathology to the process of assessment and management and skills to respond to suicidal ideations.
  • Understand the principles of motivation and how to support individuals to improve their wellbeing and reduce self defeating behaviours:  Improve individual’s insights to risks and being effective in supporting people to reduce self-risks to wellbeing and defeating behaviours; the skills to improve individual’s health from the perspective of physical and behavioural factors.
  • Better understand the risks associated with mental disorder including psychopathology of antisocial behaviour, the relationship between mental disorder and crime / offending: improving risk assessments and implementing safe practices. Understanding and managing forensic mental health risks to improve organisational safety.
  • Support people to reduce anxiety and improve cognitive wellbeing through the applications of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: (and other associated skills-based therapies)
  • Develop a more comprehensive working knowledge of mental disorder, its relationship with physical illness and issues surrounding abnormal psychology: and know how to support / signpost vulnerable individuals.
  • Recognising behaviours that are NOT associated with mental disorder: Knowing the limitations of the NHS and the types of behaviours that are not recognised as symptomatic of mental illness.

Our training is dedicated to the wellbeing of individuals presenting with mental health problems and the knowledge and interactional capacities of organisations and individuals who may support individuals who are challenged by their psychiatric, organic and neurological disorders. We would be delighted to answer any questions and support you towards delivering your organisation’s training needs. In the meantime, please take a look at our evaluations and client references.

The courses detailed on this site can function as stand-alone events or be considered as modular content from which bespoke training can be delivered. Most importantly! We offer free-post-training support to all course participants.