Specialists EUPD training & consultancy – Integrated evidence-based training delivered by experts in their field.

We provide expert, evidence-based training and consultancy to support a wide range of organisations working with patients presenting with the vulnerabilities associated with the Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD) diagnosis (also known as Borderline Personality Disorder). Co-occurring mental disorder is common to EUPD and this is considered alongside the disorder and associated challenges.

Our consultants are experts in this complex field. Their knowledge will help teams to better-understand the common presentations and challenges and improve supports / influence risk management and safeguarding, influence practical and interactional supports and influence skills-based interventions. The knowledge and practical aspects of the training will support your staff in numerous ways. It will influence advocacy support, help to challenge the unhealthy decisions taken by some care providers, influence care planning formulation and improve the management of potential comorbidities.

This training will improve staff awareness, improve team working and interactional / therapeutic supports and improve skills-based recovery planning outcomes. The training can be tailored to support individuals or teams delivering Structured Clinical Management within the NHS.

We provide EUPD / personality disorder training to a wide range of organisations including CMHT/Crisis teams, NHS trusts / ED departments, The Police, International charities, residential care, community-based supports, adults social care and most areas of local authority social work, AMHPs, and specialist mental health support / crisis services.

Our training and consultancy is of the very highest standard and unique in the industry.