MHT18 – Lone Working, Personal Safety & Conflict Management training

All training is bespoke-designed to meet your organisation’s exact needs. 

Here’s an example overview of a typical training workshop (10 bullet points):

1 – Evidence-based training with a clear and detailed understanding of the common risk factors associated with lone working, including fixated grievance that underpin conflict behaviours and verbal assaults, the psychology of crime, personality disorder and forensic psychiatric risks,

2 – Improving pre-visit / pre-contact risk assessments with a focus on the HCR-20 risk assessment tool;

3 – Mental disorder (where relevant), Psychopathy, Antisocial / Dissocial Disorders and the psychopathology of workplace violence;

4 – Increased insight to risk including dynamic risk assessments and awareness of potential hazards associated with psychology of multiple-person conflict;

5 – Body language and micro-gesture (facial / emotional displays) training to better-judge client behaviours and gain insight to emotional states and the associated risks;

6 – Environmental awareness and improving lone-working practices, from start of lone working shift to return to base. Including reporting and escalating for safety protocols;

7 – Conflict management skills to de-escalate difficult or threatening situations with an emphasis on maximising personal safety and dignity;

8 – Assertiveness training;

9 – Safety when travelling and the psychology of urban crime;

10 – Delivered by highly qualified experts in their field. These workshops are totally unique, unlike anything that any competitor organisation delivers.

The training in more detail:

This training will support staff in all areas and shifts of work. It uses appropriate content and draws its content from the very latest academic material and empirical science – delivered at a layman’s level that is accessible and motivating. This training blends a mix of health and safety with empirically supported psychologically-informed content into an enjoyable event that will keep participants involved throughout the entire day.

All training is tailored to clients’ business area and risk profile. Frontline offers tailored events that address safety in the following sectors:

  • Local government work. Including visiting officers, frontline reception staff, revenues and benefits, environmental health, civil enforcement, housing, homelessness, social care and social services, parks and ranging, civil construction and engineering;
  • Social housing activities;
  • Homelessness;
  • Probation and law enforcement;
  • Psychiatric and mental health work;
  • Charity work.
  • Further education settings.
  • Forensic mental health settings / client groups.

We offer a range of workshops, all bespoke-designed to satisfy the health and safety needs of organisations that have public-facing or lone-working staff that may be exposed to threatening or dangerous behaviours. Our trainer is an expert in his field and has specialised in this area of health and safety risk for many years.