MHT12 – Mental Disorder in Social & Sheltered Housing

This is a unique training event dedicated to social housing, sheltered housing and supported living providers. This is not just another ‘mental health awareness’ workshop. The workshops represent highly researched, evidence-based training, unlike anything else available in the UK.

This training is delivered by highly qualified experts in the field of psychiatry. We’ve worked with hundreds of housing providers over the years and have an in-depth understanding of the challenges you face.

10 Key learning objectives (example):

1 – Recognise and understanding mental disorder in social and sheltered housing tenancies. This includes factors associated with hoarding & self-neglect, depression and anxiety-related disorders, severe and enduring mental disorder associated with psychosis and issues associated with antisocial behaviour;

2 – Understand and better-support the multi-complex issues associated with personality disorder;

3 – Understand the complex issues surrounding self-harm and suicide and develop appropriate assessments, responses and strategies;

4 – Understand the responsibilities and limitations of the local Community Mental Health Teams and now how improve engagements and responses;

5 – Understand how to support and signpost vulnerable tenants into the healthcare system more effectively, including dual diagnosis / illicit substance-misusing tenants;

6 – Understand best practice in motivating tenants to engage with your support and expectations and how to minimise poor engagement and unhealthy behaviours;

7 – Managing difficult situations, including hostile conflict more effectively;

8- Understand and manage behaviours associated with hoarding and self neglect;

9 – Skills to challenge statutory services that fail to manage duty-of-care responsibilities or provide appropriate engagement.

10 – Improve risk assessments and risk management protocols for lone working staff and improve staff safety through an increased knowledge of forensic mental health risk;

One day or two day course formats available. All training is delivered on your premises.

Mental Health Training is one of the UK’s leading experts in this complex field of psychology. A pdf overview of this training can be downloaded here:  Mental Health Training – Social Housing (advanced)

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