MHT04 – Mental Health First Aid Champion Training

Mental Health First Aid Champion training. Delivered by highly-qualified experts.

This is a highly-qualified training workshop which has been designed from the ground up by our psychiatric team. It is delivered by Psychiatry / Psychology-qualified professionals but remains often cheaper than any other amateur-facilitated workshop. We offer two versions of this training including the Workplace Mental Health Champion and  Community-based Mental Health Champion

Key outcomes of the training:

  • Better understand the vulnerabilities and patterns of behaviour associated with people whos mental wellbeing can be compromised by social / stress pressures of the workplace and life in general.
  • Understanding and recognising more complex mental disorder, the associated signs and symptoms, safeguarding concerns and appropriate advocacy and intervention.
  • Accurately pinpointing factors that may be detrimental to organisational staff health through dedicated assessments.
  • Better insights to the vulnerable human mind and the mechanisms illness.
  • Finding the right words, asking the right questions and doing the right things – a communication model that provides clarity and balances empathy with advice.
  • Improved strategies that support impaired mental wellbeing!
  • Understanding how and where to implement reasonable adjustments.
  • An opportunity for for hand on-support and consultancy on an informal basis.

Why involve our team?

We are a leading expert in mental disorder and provide high quality, integrated and evidence-based training to an international client base. This unique event draws science and solutions from a breadth of behavioural psychology and psychiatric sciences and is delivered by qualified experts. Importantly! We offer free-training support on an informal basis.

A pdf overview of this training can be downloaded here Mental Health Champion overview

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