MHT14 – Forensic Mental Health Risk:

This workshop helps organisations that support patients with forensic mental health backgrounds. It improves insights and patient support strategies; most importantly it improves safeguarding.

The training offers a detailed overview of behaviours and vulnerabilities associated with externalising personality disorder. It considers the relevant comorbidities and vulnerabilities of these patients to improve staff knowledge, influence lone working and support strategies.

The following areas are key to this training.

  • Understanding the Antisocial / Dissocial, Psychopathic, Narcissistic and Borderline / EUPD personality disorder phenotypes;
  • Understanding the emotional and psychological / behavioural vulnerabilities of these patients;
  • Understanding risk related factors including comorbid psychiatric illness, patient history and vulnerabilities to splitting, impulsivity and fixated grievances;
  • Improving risk assessments, risk management and safeguarding of staff and patient;
  • Improving lone working and enforcement strategies.

    Case studies are included in this training to support learning. This training maintains a patient-centred approach and avoids pejorative / stigmatising language.

    This workshop is a available as a module that can be blended into our other training events. Please contact us for more information.


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