Understanding difficult behaviour in the workplace. A course for managers

Mental Disorder and Difficult Staff Behaviours – A training workshop to support managers better understand and manage the dynamics of Mental Disorder and Irrational Staff Behaviour in the Workplace:

This workshop supports managers to better understand mental health disorders and abnormal psychology in the workplace. Distorted thinking and disorganised emotions and behaviours are explored from the perspective of diagnosable psychiatric disorder and within the context of the ‘difficult personality’.

It may be important to signpost staff with mental disorder to appropriate medical care and this is better managed if managers have greater insight to mental illness and the treatments / interventions in the NHS. Some disruptive or difficult staff behaviours may be the consequence or irrational thinking and abnormal psychology, consequently, medical interventions would not be appropriate or even offered. In such cases, managers may need to tailor their communications and interactional styles to better-manage difficult behaviours effectively.

Stress has a complex relationship with mental wellbeing. The cycle of stress can be quite disabling, it affects self-esteem, work performance, relationships and commonly presents with physiological distress and stress-related health problems. An individual exposed to stress in the workplace may develop a sense of resentment; believing that management misrecognise their concerns or invalidate their experiences. This scenario may manifest in uncomfortable group dynamics, compromised performance and escalation to GP and primary care providers which results in staff absences and negative consequences for all.

Stress-related problems may be at the foundation of some difficult staff behaviours and managers are supported to better understand and manage employee stress with greater efficacy.

This workshop is delivered by a consultant with post graduate training in Psychiatry. The content is flexible and dedicated to your learning needs. Free post-training support is available by telephone to all delegates.