Better Decisions

New challenges, new worries……

The shape of social housing has changed. Welfare reforms, direct payments and the bedroom tax are increasing pressures on the social housing industry. Many organisations are increasingly anxious about the maintenance of tenancies and collections of rent. This uncertainty is threatening to undermine the smooth running and success of some businesses; the solutions are not obvious in the face of such problems and anxieties.

Human beings have an inmate capacity to make bad decisions. Denial is a common psychological defence mechanism unconsciously employed to reduce the anxiety at having made unhealthy decisions, or engaged in maladaptive behaviours and life choices. Resistance and reactance typically occur when individuals are confronted or challenged with the reality of their bad choices. Pressure to adopt a particular decision or behaviour (even if it is given as well meaning advice) will almost always reinforce (and often increase) the undesirable behaviour as individuals attempt to justify their actions and free will. This is nearly always outside of the consciousness of all parties involved in the process.

So the opposite of your organisation’s needs and expectations may be the consequence of your actions and interventions! Telling a person that they are heading for disaster may do nothing to avert it. This has implications for your business, particularly when you need tenants and service users to:

  • comply with requests,
  • pay rent on time,
  • maintain properties and agreements,
  • comply with orders
  • act in an appropriate way.

New solutions:
This workshop will teach staff the techniques of ‘Motivation to change / Motivational Interviewing (MI)’ (Miller et al) and many of the skills found in persuasion psychology (Cialdini et al), and to apply these with ease, comfort and quantifiable success.

Telling people how to behave rarely changes behaviours; it typically decreases a motivation to comply and increases resistance. For this reason the ‘MI’ counselling style has revolutionised the healthcare and counselling industries. This workshop adapts industry standard motivation and persuasion techniques and applies them to the new challenges in the social housing setting.

Industry-standard skills, dedicated to social housing… Motivation and persuasion psychology are not radical or new solutions. Their application to the social housing workplace is totally new. This workshop offers highly successful and established solutions to a new and increasing problems. Even if delivered with a basic skill level Motivation to change persuasion psychology offers the right solution, at the right time.

This workshop will coach staff to:

  • Motivate difficult tenants to comply with requests and to prioritise decisions in everyones best interests;
  • Motivate tenants to prioritise payment of rent;
  • Motivate tenants to prioritise the health and wellbeing of their codependants and reduce
    maladaptive and self destructive behaviours;
  • Motivate tenants to act in socially responsible ways, reduce tenancy and healththreatening actions;
  • Motivate tenants to satisfy the mutually beneficial requirements of tenancy maintenance.