Evidence-based Training

Training plays a critical role within organisational and staff development, research and public health promotion. We ensure that all courses are designed and maintained with the high quality evidence-based material and fully referenced. We maintain and update a database comprising 1000s or peer-reviewed empirical science and expert studies on a daily basis. This material is available to support delegates’ post-learning needs free of charge.

There are many high quality organisations that operate in the field of psychology and psychiatry. But there are many underqualified operators in this sector too. Unfortunately, many myths and fallacies endure in learning environment; or at least remain unchallenged. This can have significant impact of organisational and client wellbeing in a number of ways. Organisations commonly employ training providers with little reference to their qualifications. Even worse, they assume that the training content has an empirical evidence base. Organisations believe the trainer’s messages, the trainer believed someone else and so it goes on. Myths and fallacies become postulated.

Our clients and delegates can be confident that the all training has an evidence base and that delegates are supported with training material and resources that has been evaluated to be empirically sound. And we deliver this in a enjoyable and engaging style.