MHT16 – Mental health in the workplace. A workshop for managers

This training offers a unique evidence-based model to support managers and key HR staff to better-understand and manage potential mental wellbeing and psychological health problems.

This model is encompassed within a workbook and set of assessments that guide and support adjustments in communication / leadership styles, environmental interventions and reasonable adjustments. This system is the key to workplace mental health and only available through our organisation.

We provide training and consultancy to an international client base and offer a unique evidence-based training programme dedicated to your needs. Please speak to our team if you have a specific requirement. We offer a wide range of training modules that can be included in this workshop.

We are one of the UK’s leading experts in workplace mental health and provide high quality, integrated and evidence-based training that draws solutions from a breadth of behavioural psychology and psychiatric sciences.

More information:

This workshop supports managers and organisations to better-understand and recognise mental health problems in the workplace. Recent media attention has blurred the lines between the common frustrations and difficulties of modern life and mental illness – this training offers clarity and accurate information to improve the processes of support and management. The training also offers practical assessment and intervention models which are designed to support vulnerable workers and equip managers with strategies to better-manage mental disorder in the workplace. Legal aspects associated with mental disorder in the workplace can be included in the training if required. This may reduce anxiety and better-equip managers and HR staff to manage staffs’ health problems with greater insight, confidence and efficiency.

Here’s a simple overview of a typical training workshop (9 bullet points): 

1 - This workshop supports managers to better-understand and recognise mental health problems in the workplace. The common mental health diagnoses, the signs and symptoms of specific diagnoses and the consequences for the employee (and organisation) are presented to improve general awareness, clarity and improve the processes of management. A unique workbook / assessment process is included in the training to help de-mystify a complex area of behavioural science and guide potential interventions.

2 - The training offers a detailed focus on workplace stress, the common causes of workplace stress and the relationship between stress and mental disorder. This workshop aims to improve manager / staff interactions and to support managers to identify and manage the early signs of stress and to minimise its potential escalation to mental disorder;. Importantly, the training helps to identify the precipitants of the mental ill health, and the any factors that perpetuate the problem. Then it goes on to support managers or key staff within an organisation to make a difference with practical interventions helpful conversations. This way you can really make a meaningful difference to the mental health of your staff and business in general.

3 - The training supports managers to better-understand their health & safety responsibilities in relation to stress and mental disorder in the workplace. The risk assessment processes and potential control measures that may reduce workplace stress (and improve mental wellbeing) are presented in this training;

4 - This training provides is a clear focus on management and leadership styles. Effective and appropriate leadership styles that minimise workplace stress and mental disorder are presented in this training. Managers will learn a useful set of empathy-based communication skills which will increase their confidence to support vulnerable staff and minimise potential counter-productive work behaviours that can manifest from poor leadership styles and invalidating practices. The training also identifies inappropriate leadership styles that will exacerbate stress and mental disorder in the workplace (not assuming that this practice is present in your workplace);

5 – Mental Disorder is a protected characteristic under The Equality Act 2010 disability discrimination framework. This training identifies when, where and how reasonable adjustments should be made by managers and organisational obligations;

6 - Communications styles are considered to reduce concerns that managers / organisations are ‘saying, or doing the wrong thing’. A unique conversational model / framework is provided which will help managers to manage conversations carefully and improve the outcomes for everyone.

7 - This training is delivered by a psychology / psychiatry qualified consultant and free post-training support is available on an informal basis;

8 - Partners within our organisation work in the NHS as qualified Doctors and within the legal profession as qualified lawyers. This training offers an in-depth and evidence-based training opportunity for industry;

9 - Free post-training support on an informal basis

Mental Health Training is one of the UK’s leading experts in this workplace mental health. A pdf overview of this training can be downloaded here (this is the best place to start):  Mental Health Training for managers 2019

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