MHT10 – Child and Adolescent mental health training

A unique bespoke-designed, evidence-based training event to meet your dedicated needs.

This workshop provides a dedicated focus on the mental health and psychiatric presentations first recognised in childhood and adolescence. The training also considers mental wellbeing from a number of psychological impacts. It considers complex behaviours associated with self harm and self injury, the effects of social media on young people and considers a number of modern=day challenges to the minds and lives of young people.  This is a flexible event and can be bespoke-designed to meet your organisation’s needs.

Formally identifying and recognising childhood and adolescence psychopathology can be challenging. Hormonal and brain maturation factors complicate the diagnostic process and this may result in a watch-and-wait scenario, particularly when a presentation may be prodromal to a condition more commonly associated with adult mental health. This workshop aims to address these factors and to equip participants with clearer insights and diagnostic tools. Maladaptive psychological processes will also be addressed to support participants in their ability to better understand and support the younger person. Participants will receive a diagnostic workbook and post training support is available.

Childhood and adolescent psychiatric disorder as identified in both ICD-10 and DSM 5 is the key feature of this training event. The following presentations are explored through the diagnostic criteria, the behavioural symptoms and functional and social consequences.


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