MHT03 – Self Harm and Suicide training

This workshop supports participants to make sense of self harm and self-injurious behaviour. It is dedicated to staff that interact with individuals that are at risk. Self-harm is addressed in the contexts on non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), personality disorders, mood disorders and individuals without diagnosis who are struggling with crisis and emotional problems. Risk assessment and improved interactional skills are key elements of this event.
Delegates will also develop a clearer understanding of attachment disorders, childhood neglect and abuse pathology and their relationship with self-harm and emotional disorders.

Key features of the workshop:

  • To recognise what constitutes self-harm and better-understand the extent and range of self-harm and self-injurious behaviours;
  • The risk factors for suicide;
  • To better-understand the functions and reasons of self-harm / self-injurious behaviours;
  • To better-understand the aetiology of self-harm, particularly its relationship with childhood attachment problems, neglect and abuse.
  • To develop a set of skills that support clients / patients, that helps to minimise harm and manage crisis more effectively;
  • To understand the relationship between self-harm and suicide and to understand the risk factors associated with suicidality;
  • To understand symptoms of personality disorder and the associated challenges;
  • Understand the responsibilities of the health service – particularly the NICE guidelines;
  • Risk assessment skills and escalating to the emergency services in crisis;
  • Interacting with and supporting individuals at risk.

One day or longer workshops available. 15 participants per event.

You can download a pdf overview of this training here:


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