MHT02 – Personality Disorder Training

MHT02 Working with emotionally vulnerable and disorganised individuals

This is one of the most complex areas of general psychiatry and mental health. Training in this subject should only be provided by qualified and experienced professionals. We offer a unique event that offers evidence-based content delivered by experts in this field.

Personality Disorders (PD) are best understood as unusual or extreme personality types that present with complex cognitive, emotional and behavioural vulnerabilities resulting in suffering to the individual and a profound hindrance to interpersonal functioning. This workshop supports individuals and organisations to better-understand, support and manage the often maladaptive and self-destructive behaviours of individuals indicated for personality disorder and to manage any potential crisis or challenging behaviours with greater clarity and resilience. As will all our training, this is delivered in a non-stigmatising format.

The workshop is delivered by a psychiatry-qualified expert and can be adapted to the many different needs of organisations; from primary / secondary healthcare to key working support and housing.

This workshop is designed to help staff better-understand the psychopathology of personality disorder and to improve interactions and the management of potential risks with greater insight and efficacy.

This training offers a key focus on Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), but the full spectrum of personality disorders can be discussed to improve knowledge and to help staff put behaviours into a context. PD (particularly BPD) may be defined by its characteristic patterns in disturbed cognitions, experiencing and expressing of motions and relating to others in general. Personality Disorder Psychiatry is a complex study area and presents academic and clinical challenges to the professional and the layman alike.

This workshop offers an accessible understanding of personality disorder pathology and its inherent challenges and risks. This workshop should improve client safety and staff interactions through a better understanding of client sensitivities, typical clinical traps and potential risk scenarios.

This event represents a commitment to help staff make sense of client reactions and responses within different contexts, to develop effective communication skills and to recognise the importance of managing risk and effective team work when working with clients indicated for personality disorder.

Key features of the workshop:

  • A clear focus on the diagnostic criteria and psychiatric field of personality disorder;
  • A detailed focus on the psychopathology of Emotionally Unstable / Borderline personality disorder and its comorbidities;
  • Forensic mental health risk factors;
  • A clear understanding of attachment disorders, childhood neglect and abuse pathology and its relationship with externalising emotion-disorders;
  • A clearer understanding of the pathology of self-harm and para-suicidality and the crisis of self-injurious behaviours in general;
  • Working with individuals indicated for personality disorder, managing emotional conflict and improving outcomes for all;
  • A focus on the risk-factors;
  • A focus on substance misuse in the context of personality disorder;
  • The co-occurring mental health and physical health presentations associated with personality disorder;
  • Improving interaction skills and putting behaviours into a clear context;
  • Psychological interventions – Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Metallisation Based Therapy and amended CBT based principles.
  • One day or longer workshops available. 15 participants per event.

This training workshop will furnish delegates with a more comprehensive understanding of personality disorder psychiatry, the common risks and challenges and the general science of mental illness. It aims to support staff in their abilities to pre-empt, characterise and support this complex client / patient group.

You can download a course overview here:  Personality Disorder Training 2017

A typical Personality Disorder training agenda / schedule can be viewed here: Personality Disorder training – Course Agenda (2)

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