Raise – A package of skills and strategies to support individuals vulnerable to psychological stress and mental ill health

Knowing when and how to support people who are vulnerable to psychological stress and mental illness can be a challenge for organisations and individuals who don’t work in the field of psychotherapy.

‘What can I do to help’? - This is a common question. The motivation to help and support vulnerable people is empathy driven, but the anxiety associated with saying the wrong thing, or potentially making worse can introduce a tension to the process of supportive / therapeutic conversations.

Whether your provide supporting living, work with vulnerable service users, work in a frontline crisis role or work in a HR / management capacity – knowing what to do, what to say and how to act is not always clear.

The field of psychotherapy offers solutions, but the considerable diversity and complexity can renders it impractical to the layman or non-specialist. The appropriate skills to deliver effective counselling / psychotherapy support can take many years to learn and the outcomes of these interventions are not always guaranteed.

Raise’  has been created for the non-specialist layman. Raise incorporates many evidence-based techniques from the field of psychological medicine and blends them into a validating dialectic model with key strategies designed to improve psychological wellbeing.

Raise considers the psychological / mental health status of individuals on a four column axis. Raise can identify the potential problems quite quickly and offers effective, common-sense strategies to help individuals vulnerable to stress or common mental health problems to recover health quickly. Importantly, Raise is appropriate and maintains careful boundaries. Raise is designed to support individuals with common mental health difficulties, its is not designed as a tool to resolve complex psychiatric illness, that said, it can have a value.

Skills from the Raise system can be incorporated into Mental Health Champion / Mental Health First Aid work. Key working, roles associated with leadership and management and general low intensive counselling.

Raise has been developed by our psych team and is only available through our organisation. Please contact us directly for more information.