MHT08 – Substance Misuse training

All training is bespoke-designed to meet your organisation’s exact needs. 

Here’s an example overview of a typical training workshop (10 bullet points):

1 - The types of illicit drugs that are misused in the UK, Their classifications, effects on the central nervous system and body and the associated organic and psychological / psychiatric harms;

2 - Symptoms of intoxication and withdrawal. How to identify the symptoms of intoxications and withdrawal;

3 - Novel Psychoactive Substances and SCRAs (ie.SPICE). The latest science and associated risks;

4 - The brain on drugs, the psycholbiology of addiction and psychological factors that increase resistance to health-focussed advice and support;

5 - Prescription medication misuse and dependency. A classification of pharmaceuticals, their effects and abuse potential and the risk factors of congesting pharmaceuticals and illicit substances;

6 - A key focus on illicit substances and alcohol dependancy and the relationship with mental disorder and alcohol-related dementias and cognitive disorders;

7 - Dual diagnosis factors with a key focus on NICE Guidelines and the obligations / responsibilities within the NHS to support individuals with co-occuring mental disorder and substance misuse / dependancy;

8 - Understanding the principles of motivational counselling. Tips to working with, and supporting people with substance dependency. Working with people vulnerable and dependant on illicit substances and drugs of misuse -The principles of substance misuse counselling;

9 - Understanding and employing the harm minimisation model into counselling / support strategies;

10 - Delivered by a psychiatry-qualified consultant. Evidence-based training with access to a wide range of peer-reviewed articles associated with suicide science and access to free post-training support;

Mental Health Training also provide Dual Diagnosis training and an overview of this workshop can be downloaded here: Dual Diagnosis training

Our Harm Minimisation training may also be appropriate to your organisational learning needs? An overview of this workshop can be downloaded here: Harm Minimisation Training 2018

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