Covid-19 – Video Conferencing consultancy and support


Face-to-face training is impractical due social distancing rules and the health risks associated with the current Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic. We are continuing to support existing clients with video conferencing solutions and this is also available to new customers. We can provide a range of bespoke evidence-based consultancy and training support, please contact us directly, we would be delighted to provide a unique and dedicated solution to support you through the coming weeks and months ahead.

The current lockdown crisis is creating a mental health emergency for many individuals and subsequently the organisations that support their wellbeing. Unprecedented changes in social contact, the psychological stress associated with loss of social identity and changes in routine is manifesting in challenges to the general sense of wellbeing.

It can be difficult for organisations to know when and how to support individuals in crisis and this is exacerbated by distance-related issues.

Our organisation is offering a bespoke training package to support key staff that have a responsibility to support the wellbeing of their staff. Please email us directly for more information or telephone us on 01332 362222.